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We Defy The Odds

GrowNP was created by the team at D3FY.COM.  We want to help Nonprofit organizations run their website without the headache.  This is not just another website platform, but an entire technical team who’s got your back. Defy the odds with D3FY!

Website Pro's

A remote team of senior-level creators.

We are a lean team of reliable, senior-level strategists and producers.  We are coders and designers by trade, but really we are problem solvers – helping organizations like yours achieve their business goals through high-quality, optimized digital products.  We stand by our work and take pride in sticking with our clients and their projects long-term.

Make Things Happen

The entrepreneurial spirit is one of proactiveness!  We are a culture of movers and shakers.  We do not settle for mediocre!  We are doers. 

We Love To Explore​

Learning and resourcefulness are built into our culture.  We love to ask questions, explore test, and grow.  Then, we take action!  Trusting the facts and your gut, There is always a way forward.  

Attention to Details

Consistency and Experience reveals the details.  It’s the difference between good and great.  We iterate often, and continually ask what can be done better.

Honest & Open

“Clear is Kind” – Brene Brown

Communication is our key to success as a remote team.  We find joy in relating and helping others have an impact.

Our Core Values

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

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