5 Ways Web Design Enhances Engagement

Engagement is vital to the life of your non-profit organization.  Engagement is that key spark of interaction between you and your audience, volunteers or donors.  Your ability to connect with them, then connect them to your mission is a huge part of growing your impact.  

A well-designed website is a gateway to epic engagement!  

Thoughtful web design can help you move casual visitors on your site to become allies.  Here are five great reasons to consider investing in the design of your website as a way to drive connection and engagement.

1. First impressions are important.

You have seven seconds to make a first impression.  At least that’s what they used to say. But attention spans are getting shorter!  Now, research suggests that initial opinions are formed in as little as one-tenth of a second.  We’re talking milliseconds! That’s not enough time for visitors to read any significant content or learn much about you.  Which means that getting them to engage beyond their initial curiosity is going to rest heavily on the strength and quality of your design.  

Strong, professional web design inspires trust and raises your credibility.  The time and energy you put in to your website (or don’t) is obvious. The quality of your website encourages confidence in your organizations impact.  It demonstrated your level of commitment to your cause and inspires others to join you in committing their time and support.  

2. It lets people know you’re active and relevant.

Epic engagement thrives on relevance and activity.  Does the design of your website inspire energy and action?  Does it convey the urgency of your cause? If your site feels dated, visitors may wonder if there is still a need to get involved.  If your site is static, there is no need for visitors to keep coming back. Keeping your content current, updating articles, achievements, and images gives supports a reason to engage again and again.  

3. It moves people.

Good web design evokes emotion.  

Emotional connection moves people to want a deeper understanding of what you do.  You have a story to tell. More than likely, your organization has a collection of stories;  Compelling ones. That come together to paint a beautiful picture of your mission and how it’s changing our world.  Your website plays a big role in telling that story in a powerful way.    

4. It elevates the users’ experience.

Let’s not overlook the value of creating an amazing user experience.  We all know what it’s like to be stuck on a site that is glitchy or hard to navigate.  All you want to do is get what you’re looking for and get out. One of the fastest ways to kill engagement is having a site or system that people dread interacting with.  

Make engagement easy!

As you design your website make sure think about who will be using your site and what you want them to do or see while they’re there.  Is your site and its content accessible and easy to navigate and use?

5. It creates advocates and allies.

Your website is where many people will first meet your organization.  It’s where they will go to learn more about who you are and what you do.  It’s where they will learn about your story and your successes. Your website is a major driver of engagement.  Thoughtful web design leverages that initial engagement to create lasting connections, turning chance visitors into allies and supporters.  

At GrowNP, we’ve used our 20+ years of industry experience to create a beautiful website platform for nonprofits to help them thrive and grow, without the technical headache!  We can help you use the power of strong web design to level up your engagement and drive your mission.

If you are in the process of designing (or redesigning) your nonprofit organization’s website, consider a website from D3FY.  We’d love to talk more about your specific needs and how we can help. Contact us!

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