Increasing Your Nonprofit’s Social Impact Through Technology

(Defy’s Mission and 7 Ways We Can Help)

Social Impact is the overarching goal of every nonprofit organization.  

My favorite definition of social impact is one of the simplest: 

“Social Impact: significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge.”

One reason I love this definition is because it is scalable.  Whether you are one person, or a team of five, a nonprofit organization of 50 or 100, or a crowd of 200 or 300 gathering to march you can create significant social change. Any or all of us have the potential to contribute something significant and positive to improve our communities and the world.  

Another reason I like the simplicity of this definition is that it is not restrictive or prescriptive about what that significant, positive contribution should be.  It doesn’t mandate how big a contribution must be to be considered significant. All are welcome to jump in and add their part to address a social challenge.  

Start where you are.  Use what you know. Offer what you can.

That’s what we do at DefySites.  

We’re a group of “friendly geeks and happy coders” on a mission to contribute to the social impact of as many nonprofit organizations as we can through our talents in programming and web design.  

Our goal is that our small, and hopefully significant, contribution to supporting your organization will help further the reach of your social impact.  

What do we do?

We’ve brought together 20+ years of industry experience, and created a beautiful website platform for Nonprofits to help them thrive and grow, without the technical headache!

How we help you defy the odds for success: 

One of the pressing marketing challenges for many nonprofit organizations is that we live, work, and communicate in an increasingly noisy world.  Every platform is crowded with competing demands for our audience’s attention, as well as their money.

Our mission is to provide nonprofit organizations with the online tools they need to  cut through the noise and directly reach their audience, and free up your time so you can focus on carrying out your mission. 

1. Beautifully designed website templates created specifically for nonprofit organizations. 

     It is increasingly likely that most people’s first introduction to your organization will be through your website.  We know that nonprofit organizations have unique needs and goals for their websites. Our websites are built to function efficiently, with content navigation tailored for your website visitors and donors to quickly find what they need. 

2. Mobile optimization

     Each of our websites will work flawlessly on any mobile device. Mobile optimization/responsiveness is essential for engaging today’s audience. According to data gathered by Nonprofit Source, in 2018 mobile giving increased 205%. Over half of the people visiting nonprofit websites viewed them on their phones. Statistics from GoFundMe’s Crowdrise show that nonprofit organizations that employed mobile-friendly web design increased donations an average of 126%. 

3. Improved analytics and data tracking to help you reach your goals.

Our website platform for nonprofits features integrated analytics that you can view right from your dashboard. No need to log into a 3rd party site to see what’s going on (but you still can if you want to).   You can view information like how many people are visiting your site, and what pages they look at; how many of them convert to donors or join your mailing list; how often the page is shared on social media are all useful data points to measure how engaged your supporters are.  From there you can develop targeted strategies to reach your goals and broaden your social impact.

4. The credibility of a professionally designed website.

Custom websites can cost upwards of $50,000 USD or more. We know this, because as a previous web agency, we built them! But now you don’t have to be a large organization to have the benefit of a professional website for your Nonprofit. We’ve taken our years of experience and put that same quality and standard into our templates. You can choose from one of our templates, or we’ll build you a custom designed one (at a fraction of the cost of what agencies charge). 

5. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable support.

Is your website giving you a headache? Are you tired of relying on volunteers to fix your website, when they come and go at random? At DefySites we are your dedicated technical team. We can be as hands-on as you need us to be for design, data migration, page updates, and troubleshooting. We want to help you create a great website without any headaches or hassle. Experience the best customer support – ready to help when you need it!

6. Increased focus on your mission, your reach and your impact.

One key to success is to focus on your strengths. Delegate everything else. Experts say delegation is critical for success. Our strength is building and designing fantastic websites.  Letting us focus on that part frees up your time and energy for the important work you truly care about. 

7. More available resources for targeted impact.

Because social impact and the work we do with nonprofits is important to us, we do what we can to keep it budget-friendly.  That way you can use your hard-won resources to fill other critical needs in your organization. Managing a website on your own can actually be costly, not only financially, but also in opportunity cost. Imagine all that time spent fixing your website, when you could have been focusing on finalizing that grant writeup, or planning your next campaign. With DefySites, we make sure your website is pristine and effective, so you can focus on what you do best: fulfilling your mission!

If you are in the process of designing (or redesigning) your nonprofit organization’s website, consider a website from Defy. For a limited time, we are offering a free trial so you can start to defy the odds today! We’d love to talk more about your specific needs and how we can help.

Email: hello@d3fy.com

Call: (520) 442-3555

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