The Fundraising Call to Action

Boost online fundraising efforts effortlessly with these donation button best practices! 

One of the best ways to ensure you don’t get a donation is to not ask for one.  One mistake that is common in sales is not having a clear call to action. Fundraising efforts should employ the same marketing savvy.  Decide what you need from your supporters and then ask them.  

One of the most powerful calls to action on your website is your donation button.  It should be an ever-present signal to site visitors of how they can engage and support your non-profit organization and its mission. 

So, how powerful is your call to action? 

Is your donation button getting the attention you want it to? 

Employing these best practices is a simple way to change the game when it comes to raising the profile of your fundraising call to action.        

Put your donation button on every page.

Your donation page should be one click away no matter where people are on your site.  The mission and message of your organization are woven through every carefully crafted page of your website in a way that is designed to inspire its visitors.  Your call to action should be strategically placed throughout your site, reinforcing your mission. When inspiration takes hold, the opportunity to act by clicking your donation button can be an easy next step.  

Keep it above the fold.

Above the fold refers to everything visible on the web page without scrolling.  The donation button should on or near the top of the page, a fixture as people scroll through the other content.  Your call to action should be strategically placed throughout your site, reinforcing your mission. So even if they never get past that initial first view, your call to action is present and accessible.  

Use a bright and contrasting color.

As a primary call to action, your donation button should be conspicuous.  In addition to being above the fold, it needs to draw attention to itself.  A bright, contrasting color is one of the best and easiest ways to achieve this.    

As you create your nonprofit website, consider what goals you have defined for each page.  Do your design choices actively supporting the goals of each page? Your donation page is part of the overall fundraising strategy of your organization.  The donation button drives traffic to your donation page and fundraising form. Consider the design and position your nonprofit’s call to action a small but significant marketing component of online fundraising.     

At DefySites, we specialize in designing an amazing nonprofit website platform so that you can focus on your organization’s mission and strategic goals instead of technical headaches.  Our goal is to help you create an epic online presence by providing beautiful web design, as well as helpful little tips that you make your impact.  We’d love to talk more about your specific needs and how we can help. Contact us!

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